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Here’s what people are saying about PQQ:

"This is the most amazing rejuvenation my 69 year old memory could have hoped for. I recall facts and names again like I did 20 years ago. It took several weeks to kick in and suddenly I was noticeably sharper and more focused. I seem to have much more sustainable time without fatigue, as well."


“Helps keep my sports endurance and stamina up… After having PQQ recommended by a co-worker I picked this up and after about a month I feel like my ability to practice at high intensity and last through long matches is back to where it was years ago.”

Matt Licholai

"I'm 1 week in and already feel the difference. A huge boost in my cognitive functions. I’m able to multitask, concentrate and it has highly improved my critical thinking skills during stressful situations. I would highly recommend this to anyone."


“I have been taking these for nearly a month now and I have noticed a difference in memory and thinking more clearly. I have a job (emergency medicine) that deals with quick thinking and memory -- this has definitely been a help on the job. Also I’m not as tired at the end of the day, it’s helping my energy level.”

K Nurse

I think this is one of the best products for energy out there. I have been taking it for three weeks, and I have noticed a surge of natural energy and a sense of well-being. As a result, I am really sold on PQQ. I recommend this supplement very highly."


“Within about a week to 10 days of taking this product, I noticed a steadier level of energy… the research on PQQ and how it addresses mitochondria damage and decay struck a chord in me.”


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Here are more rave reviews of PQQ:


“I have tons of energy, rarely get sick, and I am turning 70 next month. I truly feel like i am 35 years old, ok, maybe 40.”

John S

“This is an excellent product to boost your brain power and mood. Only after 1 day of taking 20mg I felt its impact. Thinking more clear and a sense of well being unmatchable by taking any other product.”

Health Buff

“I find that taking PQQ in addition to CoQ10 really gives me even more of an energy boost… the benefits claimed for this product are really impressive. I can say without a doubt that I feel better and have more energy when taking this product. It's a winner in my book!”

Sandra H

"I work out at the gym. I noticed PPQ was added as an anti-aging ingredient in a new skin care product. I looked into the function of PPQ at the cellular level in the scientific literature. After taking PPQ for several days as a dietary supplement, I noticed a significant increase in my output on the aerobic machines. I must have had room for PQQ supplementation!"


"I am a 65-year-old male, a practicing biologist. After 6 weeks of this PQQ product, I note that my memory is dramatically improved. I can almost instantly recall the scientific names of obscure organisms that I had memorized many years ago, but before PQQ would have to look up. I seem now to have the memory capabilities of a 20-year-old."


"As soon as I started taking this supplement about six months ago I realized that I was able to run harder and longer than typical. I am still taking this supplement and I am still surprised at what I can accomplish."

Jason B

“One of the few supplements that I can actually feel works. When I ran out I almost immediately started feeling the effect. Got the new supply in and right away felt much sharper.”


NOTE: Testimonials are excerpts from online reviews of PQQ products