Pyrroloquinoline Quinone (PQQ) X CoQ10

Your CoQ10 product is incomplete without PQQ. Discover how PQQ multiplies and revolutionizes the power of CoQ10.

The Secret to PQQ x CoQ10

Two Powerful Antioxidants in One:

Double the protection for cells and mitochondria

Supercharge the ATP Energy Cycle:

While CoQ10 and PQQ are both required for mitochondrial energy production, PQQ also stimulates mitochondrial growth to increase the overall capacity of ATP production.

A Winning Formula in PQQ x CoQ10

Differentiation and Innovation:

Inject new life into your CoQ10 product with the unique enhancement of PQQ


Total Cellular Health:

Evolve from single-ingredient solutions and provide a complete nutrition package for cellular & mitochondrial health

PQQ x CoQ10 Product Applications

Heart Health Supplements

Brain Health Supplements

Sports Nutrition & Energy


And Much More…

Combine PQQ with CoQ10 to unlock your next generation of cellular & mitochondrial health products