PQQ + CoQ10: A One-Two Punch

You may have read about or perhaps you even take CoQ10 as part of your dietary regiment due to its numerous benefits to the body. But did you know there’s another super supplement called Pyrroloquinoline quinone (PQQ) that also offers many of the same numerous benefits to health and wellness as CoQ10? If you don’t know much about PQQ, we’ve got an awesome FAQ page here where you can learn more about this next generation supplement.

Did you know that when CoQ10 and PQQ are taken together, the end result is even better than taking either one alone? Here’s how they work synergistically to improve your energy levels, heart function, brain health and more!

CoQ10 like PQQ, has numerous benefits to health and wellness because it impacts the body in a similar way: improving energy production at the cellular level. Mitochondria are the powerhouses of the cells in our bodies and they are responsible for turning food and oxygen into energy in the form of ATP. CoQ10 boosts ATP production by carrying the electrons that make the complex mitochondrial process work. In other words, CoQ10 improves the speed and efficiency of the process in which our bodies convert food into energy.

How does CoQ10 work with PQQ?

If CoQ10 works to improve the speed and efficiency, then PQQ assists by promoting the growth of mitochrondria and together they help your body produce more energy, faster. Think of the cellular energy production process like a train.

1) The train is at its original location and loaded with food and oxygen.

2) The train is sent to its final destination where your body will take the food and oxygen, and turn it into energy.

3) The train returns to its original location with energy which your body will use, and replace it with more food and oxygen. The process then repeats.

In this example, the train is your mitochondria or powerhouses responsible for the process of converting food and oxygen into ATP energy. CoQ10 is like a supercharger that improves the speed of the train. PQQ is like a construction company that is always working to add additional cars to your train. In summary, CoQ10 improves the speed of your energy production train, while PQQ is adding and building additional capacity to your train.

Together they offer an incredible one-two punch in boosting cellular energy production. While more research needs to be conducted on the effects of CoQ10 and PQQ taken together, studies conducted separately on each supplement show that they both have distinct benefits to cellular energy production, heart health and brain health.

Where can I find products with CoQ10 and PQQ?

There are many products out there with some formulation of CoQ10 and PQQ.

But can you trust these sources? We would urge you to check out the latest supplement by Health Thru Nutrition called Cellurex (click to read more). It’s a unique blend of CoQ10 and PQQ along with other cellular function boosting supplements. As a partner of Health Thru Nutrition and as the official provider of PQQ in Cellurex, the PureQQ team is proud to endorse this new product for any of those looking for a supercharged energy boost.