SSW 2018 Recap: Going Long and Finishing Strong

The annual SupplySide West Expo has always been a tentpole event for us every year, representing one of the industry’s largest marketplaces with over 17,000 different global ingredient buyers and suppliers from the dietary supplement, food, beverage and nutrition industries. This month’s #SSWExpo was no exception, but for the PureQQ and Nascent Health Sciences team, it carried a particular air of excitement with the grand debut of PQx Prevail, the first ever sports performance beverage featuring PQQ (Pyrroloquinoline Quinone).


PQx Prevail “Welcome” Banner at SSW

Prevail launched to widely positive reviews at SupplySide West, with particularly enthusiastic feedback on its great taste (thanks in large part to its formulation with SoPure’s proprietary Andromeda Stevia formulation). In addition, we also offered a preview demonstration of the next in our line of PQx products, PQx Focus. Focus is a PQQ/CoQ10 gummy soft chew product designed to enhance mental focus and to power productivity. We expect Focus to be a big hit with video gamers and software developers who need that extra boost in energy and mental acuity as they prepare to stretch into an extended work or play session.

The overall response from SSW attendees bodes well for Prevail, Focus and PQQ. There was plenty of excitement from product manufacturers in utilizing the micronutrient across various product categories and applications including dietary supplements, weight loss supplements and chocolate products. We received dozens of requests for additional product samples and clinical PQQ summaries which is often the first step to new product formulation. There was also strong interest from professionals in the sports enhancement and supplements industry that were eager to learn more about PQQ, how it promotes energy production on the cellular (mitochondrial) level and where and when they can expect to see PQx™ Prevail and Focus on store shelves. More to come on that so stay tuned here for further announcements!

Missed our booth or didn’t make it out to SupplySide West this year? Reach out to our team for more information on our PQx products, or for a free consultation on how you can incorporate the leading edge micronutrient PQQ into your next product formulation.